We offer automated and semi-automated grinders for high-volume production and low-volume or research-and-development applications.  Our grinders are designed to provide high reliability and consistent performance at a low cost of ownership.


7AF and 7AF-HMG

The 7AF and 7AF-HMG wafer grinders are the latest release in grinding equipment. Both systems provide fully automated, cassette-to-cassette wafer handling for 50mm to 200mm wafers, and share the same layout with two grind spindles and two work chucks.  Both grinders offer exceptional process repeatability, reduced setup times, and improved wafer-to-wafer consistency.


The 7AF-HMG is configured for hard materials grinding and provides several key advantages.  The 7AF-HMG extends wheel life, boosts wafer output, increases uptime, and dramatically lowers the cost per wafer when grinding hard materials, such as sapphire and silicon carbide.