We offer the 6DS-SP CMP system for high-volume production. The fully-automated 6DS-SP processes two wafers simultaneously and is equipped with two tables for multi-step processes.  The system provides automated, cassette-to-cassette handling for 100mm to 200mm.  A semi-automated option is available for 50mm and 75mm wafers.  Motor current endpoint and a choice between plate-style and membrane-style carriers provides optimal process and uniformity control.



Our production-proven CMP equipment is ideal for a broad range applications including oxide, silicon oxide, silicon nitride, tungsten, polysilicon, SOI, AlTiC, SiC, quartz, glass, aluminum nitride, gallium arsenide-based devices, lithium niobate and lithium tantalite-based devices, and other thin films.   With over twenty years of CMP process experience, our applications engineers are ready to assist you in developing a process that achieves your requirements.



The 6EC CMP system is ideal for low-volume production applications and consumables or process research and development.  The semi-automated 6EC  CMP system has one wafer carrier and a quick change  table, which makes multi-step processes an option for this robust planarizer.  With a compact footprint,wafer capability of 50mm to 200mm, motor current endpoint, and a choice of wafer carriers, this versatile CMP machine is a great choice.


The 6DZ is the industry’s only fully automated, cassette-to-cassette, waxmount prime wafer polishing system and is one of Revasum’s leading products for high-volume silicon wafer manufacturing. The 6DZ was designed specifically for prime wafer polishing with two main goals: to improve wafer-to-wafer consistency and to provide flatter wafers.