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Product Overview
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Product Overview

Strasbaugh is a provider of advanced surfacing technology.  Our products include state-of-the-art CMP and silicon polishing systems; advanced wafer backgrinding and edge profiling equipment; whole wafer deconstruct tools; precision optics polishers, grinders, and lappers; and leading edge process technologies, such as optical endpoint and innovative wafer carriers.  Engineered with common sense and innovation, every Strasbaugh product delivers precise, reliable results.
Strasbaugh's offers state-of-the-art, high volume production and R&D systems for a variety of CMP applications, including:  semiconductor, data storage, and SOI.  Our CMP equipment accomodates wafer sizes from 75mm to 300mm. 


CMP Technologies
For more information on some of the important technologies included in our CMP equipment, click on the links below.
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Silicon Polishing
Strasbaugh's silicon polishing technology is well suited for a wide variety of applications including silicon prime wafer polishing, haze removal, SOI, MEMS, and wafer reclaim. 
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Wafer Backgrinding
Strasbaugh's advanced surface grinding and edge profiling systems are suitable for a range of applications including: semiconductor, LED, R&D, SOI, and hard or exotic materials grinding.  Our surface grinding products accomodate round and square wafers and substrates from 75mm to 200mm.
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Failure Analysis
Strasbaugh offers two products for whole wafer sample preparation for front side (WholeWaferDeconstructTM) failure analysis.  Our failure analysis products accomodate wafers from 75mm to 300mm. 
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Precision Optics
Strasbaugh is the precision optics industry choice for reliable surfacing systems.  We provide a wide selection of overarm polishers, ring lappers, glass grinders, continuous pitch polishers, and specialty machines for precision optics applications. 
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