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ViPRR Wafer Carriers
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ViPRR Wafer Carriers

Advanced Wafer Carrier Reduces Edge Exclusion and Improves Uniformity 

The ViPRRTM wafer carrier features a Variable Input Pressure Retaining RingTM that precompresses the polish pad to reduce thick edge polish results common with standard retaining rings. The ViPRR precisely controls downforce through the retaining ring, providing advanced wafer processing features for planarization of devices implementing 90nm design rules and smaller.   In short, the ViPRR carrier produces excellent uniformity, increases the usable surface area of the wafer , and reduces the edge exclusion zone to 3mm or less.

ViPRR Advantages
  • The ViPRR is engineered to provide excellent results
  • Reduced edge exclusion and superior uniformity are achieved by manufacturing the ViPRR from the highest quality materials:
    • The top plate is constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant PPS plastic, providing reduced weight and increased compatibility with metal slurries
    • ViPRR's ring material is a durable thermoplastic polyester that provides superior stiffness, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and low center porosity
ViPRR Features
The ViPRR carrier uses a unique angular pick-up method to peel the wafer from the polish pad by pulling one side of the wafer up before the other. Angular pick-up aids in preventing "suction-cupping" of the wafer to the polish pad.

For ease of assembly and maintenance, many of the ViPRR carrier's components are engraved with indicating marks. Assembling the carrier properly is made easy by aligning the marks of each component with one another.

The ViPRR is available in 100, 125, 150, 200 and 300mm versions for use on the STB P300, 6DS-SP, 6EG, and 6EC chemical mechanical planarizers.

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